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A collection of articles, links and videos discussing Ma Ani's work

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laTribune Numérique
Emilie Pinard-Fontaine
July 10, 2021

“My process is the same for all canvases. I start by reading list books. I read lots, lots, lots of list books, I find some on the internet, people send them to me. When I read novels, if they make a list, I take it and I bank it. At the moment, I have five hundred lists in my bank and, to create, I draw two lists at random and I give myself the constraint of using both to do my work. But the work must also convey a new meaning, ”explains Ma Ani.

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Le Collectif
Hélène Bughin
July 19, 2021

Motel Molotov  by Ma Ani features preposterous financial questions, revealing with humor and humility the results of impossible questions. As mentioned in the summary of his approach: "  In a world dominated by zeros and ones, in a world that collects data by the ton and sells it at a high price, we constantly accumulate, classify and organize". 

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Brompton House of Arts and Culture
Simon Gauthier-Brulotte
August 31, 2021

Motel Molotov questions the omnipresence of information, the obsession with classifying data as well as all the crazy things that we can make them say by tampering with it a bit.

Francine Bastien
June 30, 2020

She fell in love with this space - once occupied by Bishop's University - and decided to move to VLB last December. Ma Ani, that's her artist name, left teaching a few years ago to devote herself, since 2016, to her large compositions, especially acrylics. She has already exhibited in Amos, Rouyn, in her native Abitibi and other projects await her after the pandemic, including the official opening of her gallery at 99 Chemin Knowlton.

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la Voix de l'Est Numérique
Marie-Eve Lambert
July 30, 2020

It must be said that her “eclectic-post-modern style with a feminist tendency”, as she describes it, does not go unnoticed. “I like to destabilize people, to get them to see the world in a different way,” she says, between two scenes, to say the least… striking.

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Conseil de la culture de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Marianne Trudel
May 31, 2019

"The artist forces the union of apparently unrelated lists to extract unexpected offspring, with something new to express. What do we get by linking the list of 21st century epidemics to that of tax havens? What offspring can be expected from an embrace between the characters of the Bible and the cigarette brands of the Imperal Tobacco Canada company?"

The Citizen of Val-d'Or Amos
Martin Guindon 
July 21, 2019

“I'm crazy about lists, it's true. In everyday life, my life is regulated by lists. I read list books before bed and read them in full, item by item. I collect lists. When I start a project, I draw two lists from my bank of lists and I let myself be inspired, ”

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ICI Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Vanessa Limage
September 15, 2017

“So I take two different lists that don't necessarily relate to each other. For example, the list of steps to wax your swimsuit with the list of buildings built for love and there, I create a work from these two lists ... A new work that has a new meaning that is not necessarily glued to the starting material. [It] brings a different vision, a different meaning, ”

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